Thursday, May 29, 2008

Half crazy

Look what I just signed up for! Have I lost my mind? Yes, I do believe I HALF. Because I've now registered for two half marathons, one month apart.

Hey, I'm just doing this one for the girly t-shirt and Tiffany keychain. A girl's gotta have SOME sort of motivation, right?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Been there, done that...

... got the T-shirt. I really just wanted to say that and have it be true!

That's my t-shirt, medal, and bib.

Well, I went 3.1 miles. The Fargo 5K Fun Run was on Saturday, May 17. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again! Next year I will be doing the half marathon (13.1 miles). My time was 34:12. I am OK with that, but not thrilled.

Mile 1 was basically darting around and weaving between the walkers (some with strollers). I really wish the walkers would be courteous and get to the back. The runners were really frustrated with this, especially when the walkers were in groups 8 across. Not nice! For some of it, I got so frustrated, I ran on lawns. I didn't look at my watch after completing that mile, but I know it took longer than I wanted. At least it forced me to start out slow, right?

Mile 2 I booked it. I felt great, passed a ton of people (not just walkers, haha). I looked at my watch at the end of mile 2 and it said 20 minutes. I was pretty happy with this, figuring I might actually bang this race out in 32 minutes.

Mile 3 I don't know WHAT happened. I must have thought I could just cruise through this mile with no effort. I was relaxed and happy, and not really in "race" mode. I think I was just enjoying the sights and sounds of the race, chatting with people, getting hi-5'd by the crowd. I forgot I was racing, really. I felt well and happy when I finished though, instead of worn out.

The finish is the best part. Well, except for when you think you're done, and then you realize, oh, we have to run around to the other side of the Dome! But that part gets over quickly, then before you know it, you pass the JumboTron camera, then you're heading into the Dome, which is DOWNHILL (thank you, thank you) and I sprinted it. Bit of a problem.. as I was entering the Dome, I took my sunglasses off and hooked them on my shirt. Started sprinting, and they fell off! I checked to make sure there was nobody immediately behind me, stopped, and picked them up. Then ran to the finish line. Embarrassing, but funny.

Anyway, I had a blast. The crowd and entertainment are the BEST. Thank you, Fargo! My friend Sarah finished the half in 2:07 and my cousin Kari finished it (her first race EVER!) in 3:18. WAY TO GO! I think my mom, aunt, and other cousin (who is pregnant, yay!) decided to walk the 5K next year.

Yesterday I registered for the Roughrider half marathon, and began my training program. Here's to 17 more weeks of training! I started a week early in case I get temporarily derailed for vacation, illness, injury, or "I think I'll wait an extra week to run 12.5 miles"-itis. I figure if I finish it "on time" a week before the race, I'll just take an extra taper week.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As if my Nike+ and Polar F4 weren't quite techie enough, here's what I got for Mother's Day:

It's a Garmin Forerunner 205! A GPS for my arm. I love it. I've only gotten the chance to use it a couple of times, but I think it'll be coming in handy as I train for the half marathon.

Also, in other news, this woman is THE DEBBIL.

If you see her, run. Run far, far away. If your legs haven't been reduced to jelly.

She is out to kill you. Or at least give you thighs of steel, washboard abs, and shoulders that would put the fear of, well, Jillian, into your average person. I'm pretty sure I called her a nasty word beginning with B about eight times during LEVEL ONE. There are three levels. I was shaking trying to wash my hair in the shower after it. This is a 20-minute workout, people. 20 minutes. I was strength training for 40 minutes 3 times a week.

Next update will be after my race on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I think Lance Armstrong has a li'l crush on me. Oh yes, I do. Why, you ask? Because he lovingly told me this morning, "Congratulations, you've just achieved a new personal best in the mile". I wonder if Nike+ knows that hearing his voice is pretty much the only thing keeping me running some days? He's like the proverbial carrot.

So I have officially outrun myself.

This is the funniest darn book I have EVER read. I highly recommend it if you've ever considered training for a race of any sort. It will at least keep you laughing at yourself.

Now if Nike+ can just get Lance to say "Congratulations. You've just run a buttload of circles. You are apparently fantastic at turning left." or "Congratulations. You've run 10 miles and thwarted death."