Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today, my cousin Christine got married! My middle son, Adam, was one of the two ringbearers, so I took advantage of the photo session at the Capitol grounds this afternoon.

The entire wedding party

Bride, Groom, and kids

The bride with the kids

As Darien called her, "the beautiful bride, Christine". He kept saying "This is such a great wedding" and "Christine looks so beautiful!"

"Mama, I'm tired, can I sit on your lap?" One of the bridesmaids caught the photo op.

It was a great wedding! I got to sing a couple of tunes during the ceremony, the kids behaved perfectly, the food was good. We didn't stay long enough for the dance, because the kiddos (Adam especially) had a long day, and everyone needed to get home and into bed. Congratulations to Chris and Christine! When you guys have babies, I so owe you a million nights of babysitting.

P.S. - if the babysitter gets married, does that mean we can no longer ask her to babysit??

Friday, September 08, 2006


I love Fridays. We have homemade pizza, I usually have a drink of some sort, Dan sometimes comes home early, and we're all just happy and relaxed. Today has been a rough day for Mason, he fell asleep in the car at noon, which means he didn't get his usual 2-hour snooze between lunch and picking up Darien from school. I put him down after we got home, and he woke up an hour later, crying. I put him back down and now I need to go wake him because it's 5:30 pm and I don't want him up until midnight tonight.

I couldn't choose between these two pictures, so I posted them both:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Kid!

Tuesday was a momentous day - Adam started preschool! We took some pictures to commemorate the occasion.

This is Adam's reaction to us saying, "You're at school! Look excited!

Finding his name under the coat/bag hooks...

Mason and Adam playing Little People with Mrs. Sievers

And this is what happens after a long morning at preschool. I stepped out of the shower this afternoon, and here is what I saw:

How cute is that???