Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Kid!

Tuesday was a momentous day - Adam started preschool! We took some pictures to commemorate the occasion.

This is Adam's reaction to us saying, "You're at school! Look excited!

Finding his name under the coat/bag hooks...

Mason and Adam playing Little People with Mrs. Sievers

And this is what happens after a long morning at preschool. I stepped out of the shower this afternoon, and here is what I saw:

How cute is that???


Anonymous said...

I am Sherocious's mum and I read your blog too! These momentous milestones (especially with pictures) are so special. Thanks for sharing them with mums all over (old and young)!! The camera we had when Sherocious had her 1st day at playschool was a big heavy thing, mostly operated by dad! Hence no pic of that day. So, I share in yours! Nan

Jen said...

Hey Mrs. M! Lovely to see you posting on my blog. I adore your daughter, I hope you know! She's saved my sanity countless times.

Sherocious said...