Sunday, October 31, 2010

Listen! Do you hear that? Me neither!!!

I had the best run of my life today. I know that sounds crazy; I didn't win a race, didn't earn a medal and nobody even saw me. Plus it was only 3 miles.

But it was fantastic. Why? Because of my new BFF, her name is ProAir.

Isn't she pretty? All red and white. Apparently, and I did not realize this until today (yes, I really have been running for 4 years), but it's your BODY that's supposed to get tired when you run! Not your lungs! I KNOW! Shocking.

Adam had a great Taekwondo tournament yesterday. I will post pictures from that, as well as Halloween pictures, later this week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tommy, can you hear me?

I think I'm going to start bloggin' again! I've missed it far too much, and Facebook just isn't the same.

So, I'm cleaning up the comments section, changing some settings, redoing my gadgets.. etc. Stay tuned. :)