Friday, February 02, 2007


I was going to post some pictures from Evening on Broadway, but then I thought, maybe it isn't nice to post pictures of people all over The Internet without asking first. And I have way too many people to ask, so I'm just forfeiting.

Dan decided to take pictures of a fight in progress between Mason and Darien:

This is Darien screaming "DO NOT PUT THIS PICTURE ON THE INTERNET!!!

Then, because I never do, I decided to post 2 pictures of myself. I recently got some interesting highlights and lowlights, and you can kinda make them out:

And yes, I did slap on some lipstick in the second picture because I thought the first one washed me out.


Cru said...

BWAHHHHHHH!!! Fabulous MD. What a great face.

Chris said...

Great fight!!!

You look gorgeous, Jen!

Sherocious said...

looking hawt, momma! :)

Kiora said...

People should read this.