Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well, I am now a balding redhead. No, I didn't take a picture.

Here's the story.. last year I purchased Allure magazine's Beauty Box, as I do most years. In it was a hilighting kit - PERFECT for me - it was light blonde hilights (Clairol Natural Dimensions) for dark-medium blonde or light brown hair. Which is what I have.

I decided last night to do the hilighting. I've never hilighted before. I started to follow the instructions, but by the time it looked "done", there was still a TON of color in the bottle, so I thought I'd use a little more. I did some under-layers and such. I waited 25 minutes (the box said 30). I washed it out. My hair was the same color as a Barbie! Bright yellow-white. But only in PATCHES. The rest of it was a decent blonde.

So this morning I called the Clairol hotline and asked what to do. In order to get some semblance of normal, I needed to first re-color it red, then dark blonde, to get an auburn-y color (if I did just the dark blonde/light brown, it could turn green or purple.. NOT good). So I did. In the shower, my hair came out in handfuls.

I still have plenty of hair left, I just hope more doesn't fall out. And I really can't believe I have red hair. Dan says I have a "hot Donna" thing going on now (from That 70's Show). Although she's blonde now, and she looked so much better red.


Lesson learned: ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Too subtle is better than... well, THIS.

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