Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Winter.. er, Spring.. Wonderland!

Snow! Posted by Hello

Look, it finally snowed! This is the view out my front bay window. Yes, I live in North Dakota and this is the most snow we've had all season. It's sickening, really. We have this kickass John Deere tractor with a snowblower attachment, and I think Dan has used it once since we got it. Looks like I will be shoveling this afternoon!

Yesterday was my lecture at the University. I think it went well, but if she ever asks me to do it again, I will make changes. I talked about labor, birth, interventions, methods of pain management, and doulas. I think next time I will start off talking about doulas so that I can spend as much time as I want - I felt like I ran out of time on that subject. My dad decided to come and watch, and so did Sister Thomas, the president of the U! I was a little nervous when she came in.

Last night instead of going to Civic Chorus, I went out to eat with my family. I'm such a bad girl. I really do love Chorus, but we really needed some family time out of the house. So the fish I had thawing went back into the fridge for tonight. I think my husband just didn't want to have fish for dinner, LOL. He doesn't care that it's good for him.

In a little while I will brave the snow again to go pick up DJ from school. Then I take the kids to my mom's - Tuesday afternoons I have the day "off" from motherhood! I'm probably going to pick up a few things at Target, deposit some checks, and then come home and clean - I have some pretty nasty hot spots that have turned into forest fires.

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