Thursday, October 27, 2005


This is my archenemy, my nemesis. The Black House Spider. I friggin' hate him. Them.

We've been having some major spider problems - there must be a nest or something, right outside our front door. I'd been killing around 7 spiders a day, most don't make it past the entryway. Yesterday when the neighbor girl came over (we take her to school in the mornings), they were waiting and a few scurried right in. Little buggers! So, tired of being held prisoner in my own home (afraid to open the front door), I ran to Home Depot and found some super-duper insecticide and went to war on those suckers. LOL! There's tons of little (and big) spider carcasses outside my front door now. I'm leaving them there for Halloween. Tee-hee!

Yesterday Mason had his 12 month check-up and vaccinations. He cried. He weighs 21 lbs. 13oz. (65%), and is 31" tall (90%). I thought he would weigh more than that, I was thinking around 24 pounds! He just seems so big to me, and is solidly in 18 month size clothes. That's typical of my boys though - they're always in one size larger than their age, because they're so tall! Someday all three of my boys will be towering over me.

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