Friday, March 31, 2006

It's comin' around again

Hormones suck. At least, I think it's hormones. I'm emotional, my chin is breaking out, and the awful insomnia has returned. Just like last time. Hopefully this time it won't lead to a horrible sinus infection.

Banks also suck. Today is payday, but does our bank balance show it? No! Of course it doesn't! I'm waiting for a call back from someone over there who'd better tell us where our paychecks (direct deposit) went. I think I'd better put some wine to chill in the fridge starting now. Good thing I bought that before our checking account got so empty!


Sherocious said...

In my house, the wine rack is always empty, but the fridge full of chilling wine. Must always be prepared!

On a daily basis, but I don't think that's a bad thing. :)

Sherocious said...

Oh - and try not to stress, get some sleep! *hugs* Insomnia sucks :( I find motherhood so bloody tiring I've not had insomnia since!