Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blossoms 'n Baby Buns

I took this picture of the juneberry bushes out in our yard this morning. They're so tiny and pretty!

I did not have a good week. Shall I summarize? To start the week off, my mother-in-law got pneumonia on Saturday and had to spend Saturday night and Sunday in the hospital. Darien was sick (vomiting) from 4:30 Wednesday morning until 8:30 the following morning, and stayed home from school for two days. I discovered I'm over-scheduled for May and June: I have clients due 5/17, 6/3 and 6/5. And my mom will be out of town from 5/17 until 5/28, I myself will be out of town 5/27-5/28. So I'm praying my 5/17 client goes early and the other two hold off until June. Then on Wednesday, on the way to a client meeting, I backed out of the garage and hit my mom's car and did $768 worth of damage to it. Then to top off my great week, Kernel decided to investigate mouse poison. So Dan induced vomiting (a 50/50 solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide, squirted into his mouth via a turkey baster - I'm sure this will be funny to us SOMEDAY), and I went to the vet to pick up some Vitamin K tablets, which he has to take for three weeks, because D-Con is just warfarin, which thins the blood so the mice hemmorhage to death. How lovely.

But the good news is: my mother-in-law is feeling better and is home from the hospital, Darien is now better, our insurance is going to cover the damage I did to my mom's car, and Kernel will be fine.

Tonight is our final Civic Chorus concert of the season, then we're done until September. Our theme for Evening at the Opera is going to be Mozart's Le Nozze de Figaro (the Marriage of Figaro).

And now it's time for a cute baby picture!


G'pa Polk said...

Not fair! My Juneberry bush hasn't bloomed yet, but it's close. Life in the "Left Turn Lane" ... sounds like the "Fast Turn Lane". Enjoy! Are you ready to plant the garden?

Sherocious said...

Cutie bum!

Your days can only get better! Big hugs sent to you from me! xo