Monday, May 08, 2006

Portrait of Relaxation

Yummy. Notice the empty wine rack in the background. Time to go shopping!

A funny note - excerpt from a conversation the boys and I were having at dinner:

Adam: Are bananas a fruit, mommy?
Me: Yes, bananas are a fruit. What other fruits can you think of?
Adam: Oranges!
Darien: Apples!
Me: and Watermelons, too!
Dan: Uncle Chris.

This is a test to see if he ever actually reads my blog.


Chris Tietz said...

I hate you guys.

Sherocious said...


By the way, that is a beautiful picture. I'm sure its no accident we've both featured bottles of Lindemans on our blog this week!

Behold, the elixir of the gods. Speaking of which, its only 34 minutes until Happy Hour(s)!