Thursday, May 25, 2006

Look What I Made!

I give you my completed Jaywalker sock, in Socks That Rock yarn, colorway Xmas Rock:

There's some crazy flashing/pooling, but I don't care, it makes them unique. The cool thing is, when I do the second sock, it'll look nothing like this one. Here's another shot from a slightly different angle. OK, I really just wanted to show off my sexy lower leg/ankle/foot. Rrrawwrrr.

I'm scared to death that I won't have enough for the second sock. If you're a fellow socknitter and you have a little extra Xmas Rock hanging around, email me. Call me cheap, but I just don't feel like spending another $23 on a toe's worth of sock.

And this is what I made on Monday Night Out with The Girls:

We went to Urban Girl for a little jewelry-making fun, and then margaritas afterward. This is a mother's bracelet - my birthstone (aquamarine) is on the far left, then two peridots surrounding the letter D, two sapphires surrounding the letter A, and two uh.. pink stones (tourmalines?) surrounding the letter M, then Dan's birthstone (peridot) and our wedding stone is the dangle (sapphire). It's my DAM bracelet!


tapmouse said...

Love how the pooling worked out on that sock! I'm still trying to decide which yarn will be Jaywalkers! Somehow my very busy 'Fire on the Mountain' seems the best candidate, but I'm holding out hoping I can come up with something different.

LuellaMaeJane said...

I am wondering when you have time to knit! Having 3 little ones keeps you busy I am sure. Love your Jaywalkers!

Knit On

Sherocious said...

very cute sock!

Even sweeter bracelet! I want one!!!

And - sexy ankle. Rarr indeed! *cheers*

Kate said...

Beautiful sock! I love the bracelet too, are you taking orders?!

wendy said...

OOoh the sock looks great!

Elspeth said...

You know what -- I think that is the best STR pooling I've seen. Because of the colors, it really works!

Tricotine said...

Very stylish and colorful socks here! :)

I hope you will find the yarn to finish the sister sock...

Did you use needles #1?