Saturday, May 20, 2006

Flashing my Stash

I've seen "Flash your Stash" pictures before, so I had to do my own. Now keep in mind, this is ALL SOCK YARN. I have other yarn. But I can make 14 pairs of socks!


Sherocious said...

one pair for me me me me me????? :)

Dan said...

Where did all that come from? Where do you keep it? Nevermind. I don't wanna know.

Jen said...

Don't tell me you haven't noticed that gigantic bag in the closet. Seriously. You need to pay better attention.

Paula said...

Oh gee! I can make over 40 pairs of socks. I destashed some. (How's that?)

Charlton said...

Only 14? That's quite a lot of restraint. Wait until you can't hide it all in a gigantic bag in the closet anymore!

(Or when you feel compelled to pile all your yarn in the middle of the living room floor so you can study dye lots and figure out what your next project will be.)

Heavenly Evil said...

I've got a box hidden under the desk, and a stash in a drawer. I can make something like 40 pairs I bet. The box is full of wool sock yarns, the drawer is bernat sox.

Suzanne Barnett said...

Unfortunately for me, your stash doesn't even begin to come near mine. I have 4 large "sweater" storage boxes full and more yarn on top of that. I think I have an addiction. Is there a 12 step program for knitters who own too much yarn???

tapmouse said...

Well I must tell you that I am easily able to accomodate your request for "hey, that's nothing
compared to mine!" post! My 'socks in waiting' can no longer be counted in pairs of socks since I long ago lost count! I will try to get around to counting JUST my stuff that is in my room. Though I have more in the basement!

I can tell you that I probably have 50+ Handpainted Socks in Waiting--and that's just the handpainted stuff! I'm not counting the stuff on needles, either. And self-striping is it's own category, as is the Fixation/Esprit (cotton/elastic) collection, standard (solid 4-ply) collection and solid DK weight yarns!

Feel better about this, now?

Leslie ;)
(and no, we've never met and you have never attempted to coerce a false story for the benefit of justifying your stash to your husband)
Probably my recent purchases alone (see my blog over the last 2 months)and socks in progress already outnumber your stash! Poor thing.

womanwholivedinashoe said...

HI Jen,
I think you have a great little starter stash. I can't even remember where all my wool is hidden these days and find little mini stashes all the time! On the down side I decided to go and finish all my unfinished items and have a clean slate and found three had been eaten by moths!!! So sad.
Keep on knitting. It's cold and chilly here in Melbourne, Australia today.
Regards, Mel

Annie said...

I will repeat what I wrote to the Montana Socknitters Group (Yahoo): "You know you are a yarn addict when you return to a website to 'Cyber-pat' your latest yarn purchase, and will continue to do so until it's in your eager hands, lol."
That being said, my yarn stash (about 25 pairs worth) is still smaller than my hubbies gun collection, and is MUCH cheaper too, (but I am working on that, lmao!).
Annie in Montana (Howdy neighbor!)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

LOL! You make me jealous hehehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

I was guilt tripping over buying 3 pairs worth at the yarn store the other day, and the salesperson grinned and said "dont' feel bad I have at least 50 pairs worth at home..." :)