Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sorry, I haven't blogged recently. Lots of stuff going on, clients etc. but things seem to be slowing down now! I thought I'd post a quick picture. This is me and Mason (on the left) posing with my oldest friend Shana and her daughter Elise. Mason and Elise are about three weeks apart in age - her first, my third. Our moms were best friends growing up, how wacky is that? My mom is her godmother and her mom is mine.

This picture was taken at my grandma's 80th birthday party on Memorial Day weekend in Minnesota. We were just about to leave and go back home, Mason was at the end of his rope, so I'm surprised he wasn't screaming!

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Sherocious said...

that's a great picture! It must be nice to have old friends like that with such a family connection. And the babies are adorable. Mason's getting so big!

And - thanks for updating already! Slacker! ;)