Friday, March 16, 2007

birthday "observed"

Well, Wednesday was my uneventful birthday. How old am I? Let's just say I'm more mid-thirties than early-thirties now. Well whatever. I'm like wine - I just get better with age.

Since Wednesday really isn't A Good Day To Party, my party is tonight. Mom & Dad are taking us out to Meriwether's. We have my cousin Christine coming over to babysit, and the boys are thrilled. I told them Wednesday, and every hour or so since then, they ask, "Is Christine here yet?" I think secretly she must let them do whatever they want. Those were the best babysitters when I was growing up! I feel silly asking an old married lady to babysit though, so if any of you have any daughters, nieces, etc. that you would be willing to rent out for a couple hours now and then, let me know.

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Sherocious said...

Happy Belated birthday, gorgeous! :) Hope you had a fun night out last night. Cheers sweetie!

Soon we'll clink glasses in person! Wheeee!