Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jen - 1; Hill - 0

We live on a hill. Tonight, for the first time this year, I had Dan take my 2005 Trek 820 down and air up the tires, and I took it for a spin.

Last year, I had major trouble with one hill, and minor trouble with another. I would ride up the hills, saying "I'm going to make it to the white mailbox this time!" and then "I'm going to make it to the second pine tree past the white mailbox this time!" etc. I never did make it up the major-trouble hill, however.

Well! Tonight I whipped its butt. I shifted gears with mad skillz and made it up that nasty hill without having to get off the bike and walk it, admitting defeat, quickly hopping back on as soon as humanly possible, to avoid looking like an out-of-shape fool.

1 comment:

Devorah said...

Yea, Jen! Way to show that hill who's boss!