Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not dead or anything

It's been a while since I updated, so I just wanted to shoot one out.

Tug is growing quickly, and has now finished Puppy Dynamics class. Yay for him! I can't say he is that much better-behaved than he was before class, but that takes time. I will just say it out loud: Rottweiler puppies are bastards. I see the other puppies at class (Labs, Poodles, Aussies, miniature Greyhounds & Schnauzers, etc.) and they are so sweet. Then you have Tug, and his Husky friend Skye and his German Shepherd friend Zack, and they are all little bastards who beat up on each other. Skye alpha-rolled him this week and I cheered her on. I almost made a doggie play-date with Shug, Skye's mommy. So she can kick his ass a little more. He deserves it.

Thursday we leave for vacation to Seattle, so there will be a tremendous internet vacuum because I will not be online. However, we will take lots of pictures and blog 'em later. Saturday I'll be meeting up with Shelagh, my Canadian BFF!

Running update: I am back up to Week 7 of the Couch to 5K program. I was up to Week 7 before, but then I got a cold, then we got the dog, and I had to take a few weeks off. So I started up again at Week 3. I will end Week 6, then I'll take another week off for our vacation, then re-do two runs from Week 6 when we get back, before starting Week 7. Then upon finishing the program, I'll have plenty of time to get some more good runs in before the race on Sept. 15!


sherocious said...

can't wait to see you too!!! :)

Colorado Chris said...

is your couch to 5K plan online? I might have to try it. At least the couch part. :-)

Jen said...

LOL Chris. Yes, go to and search for it. Or you can just google "couch to 5K" and that should bring it up.

Angela :-) said...

Way to go!

Have a safe trip.

Angela :-)