Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tug - 8 weeks

OK, first - some 7 week pictures:

Classic rottie-butt shot

Having some crate time

And now, some 8-week shots I took today:

Practicing "sit"

Who could resist that FACE?!

OK, sorry - this is just a pretty picture of my much-needed liquid refreshment after dealing with three boys and a puppy ALL DAY. Can you blame me? See how my appletini matches my glass...


Anonymous said...

YUMMY!! That is one good looking drink! Oh, the dog is very cute too:-) I can't wait to meet him!


Shelagh said...

hey - its me. I'm having google trouble - and have forgotten your email address (and my whole address book!) can you email me at my new address at my first name dot last name at ? thanks hun!

And: adorable puppy you have there!

The Krumwiede Six said...

Tug is just too cute!!!! And that drink looks super yummy...sign me up for one come March 2008 * I should be able to pump/dump then right LOL*

Angela :-) said...

Okay, time for an update. Hint, hint.

Angela :-)