Friday, January 28, 2005

Bait 'n Switch

As many of you know, I'm a staunch supporter of VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean). I get really mad when a woman who wants to VBAC tells me all these nonsense things her doctor said. Daily, women are told they can't birth a baby vaginally because their hips are too small, their pelvises inadequate, their babies too big; their bodies are broken. I myself was told these very same things, and went on to birth TWO more babies, both larger than the c-section baby, vaginally. HA! The only place, it seems, there is refuge from all the garbage, is my ICAN list. Elaine, a lovely listmember, posted a "comic strip" idea, called Bait and Switch. Here it is.

So I envision this comic strip: an interaction between

a VBAC mom and her OB. Anyone good at drawing?
Here would be the conversation:
NEWLY PREGNANT MOM: "Hi! I'm newly pregnant and want a
VBAC. Do you support VBACS?"
DOC: "Yes we do, we loooove VBACS. come on board!"

DOC AT 25 WEEKS: "Just want to tell you about some of
the restrictions we have for VBACs: we require you
don't go a day over 38 weeks, we require continuous
EFM, an epidural in place in case your uterus
explodes, you can't have eaten for 2 days prior to
going into labor, and the moon can't be full. "

DOC AT 30 WEEKS: "Oooo this baby is getting big! We
don't allow our moms to VBAC babies over 5 lbs. Moms
who VBAC with babies over 5 lbs have a 96% risk of
their uterus exploding all over the place. Besides,
your pelvis is really small and you aren't capable of
birthing a baby over 3.6 lbs anyway."

DOC AT 34 WEEKS: "I just checked your cervix and it
isn't dilated at all, which means that there is
something wrong with your body and you are never going
to go into labor. I can tell your baby is going to be
at least 7 lbs and you probably aren't going to
deliver before 38 weeks. Lets schedule your repeat CS.
After all, you don't want to die do you? You don't
want your baby to get brain damage or die do you? New
studies have come out that show that the rate of
uterine rupture in VBACs is actually 56%. Just
remember, in the end all that matters is a healthy

DOC AT 36 WEEKS: "I can't believe you haven't
scheduled your repeat CS yet. Hmmm. Welllll.... lets
just do an ultrasound to check on baby's weight. Won't
that be fun? Uh oh... While we did the ultrasound we
found out that your amniotic fluid is low, you have
bursitis in your elbow and your placenta is made of
ham. Your baby will die if you attempt VBAC. I'm sorry
but you have run out of options. We will need to
schedule a CS. Which is too bad because I really
support VBACs. Oh well, all that matters is a healthy

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