Friday, January 07, 2005

Stoopid Ninnernet!

Our dumb wireless has been down for three days, hence the lack of an update. Finally had guys out here fixing it for almost four hours this afternoon/evening, and it looks like all is well again. Nevermind that I lost a few eBay auctions during the outage. Waaah! Mason is already 3 ounces short of 14 pounds (he's 11 weeks old), so I'm going to need to start stocking up on the next size up in cloth diapers. I'd at least like to get some premium prefolds (for 15-30 pounds) and 4 Size Medium covers. I love Bumkin covers, and I'm fond of Diaperaps and Proraps. The Bummi Super Whisper Wrap doesn't thrill me, popular as it is, it just doesn't work for Mason. Something about Bummi wraps, the top of the waistband seems to dig into his tummy and sides.

Well, I'm sure nobody really wants to read my waxing on and on about cloth diapers, so I'm going to take my leave of thee, and write more tomorrow.

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Sherocious said...

at least you're back! I was checkin'! :)

*snoggily snoggle snog!*