Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kill Bill

aka "Mommy" Posted by Hello

We finally (after renting the darn thing three times and never getting around to watching it) saw Kill Bill, Vol. 2 last night. I thought it was great. They say you either really like Quentin Tarantino movies, or you hate them/don't get them/don't find them intriguing. I happen to like them.

My weekend was rather uneventful, which is just the way I like them! I won a couple of eBay auctions, we went out to eat at a new restaurant last night, and we watched the movie last night as well. Today we dropped off the kiddos at my parents' place so we could go to the mall and to Target, the break was nice. This week will be tough for me, since Dano (my darling husband of 7 years) will be on a business trip. I always cry and feel sick to my stomach the day he leaves.


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